The product has great documentation to walk you through a process and the dashboard is flexible.

18-Dec-2012 12:08:26
We are a manufacturer of Plastic Building materials, such as Shutters, siding etc… We have 15 locations and one location in England. We use strictly Cisco routers and switches and we have an Avaya Phone system with G350 at each location.
Prior to choosing OpManager, we used Microsoft SCOM & Trigeo. One of the Systems Engineer from Cisco recommended OpManager to us. The product has great documentation to walk you thru a process and the product dashboard is really flexible to get the information afore as soon as you login. I recommend OpManager to my IT friends now to give it a try.
I recommend OpManager

The unique distributed architecture and ease of deployment

17-Dec-2012 17:04:31
We are an E-911 service provider in USA and operate in 150 locations across the country.
The unique distributed architecture made us consider OpManager, when compared to SolarWinds and HP Openview, which I have used in the past. Our experience with OpManager has been pretty good. It is a speedy product to get deployed and monitoring devices. All I could ask them for is to bring in a greater flexibility in the alerting and notifications and ability to acknowledge alarms for a specific period of time.
I recommend OpManager

We have about 50 branch offices and have a single main dashboard for our IT

14-Dec-2012 20:02:24
I’m a computer engineer, a graduate of the University of the Valley of Mexico, trying to daily apply new technologies in the IT industry and new ways to use ManageEngine products, definitely a fan of Manage Engine!
I work for a renowned bank in Mexico. Our company got recognized for third consecutive year as the best private banking by the British magazine World Finance. We currently manage around 250 devices in ManageEngine product.
I’ve used Solarwinds and IpSwitch WhatsUp Gold. IMO, OpManager is an application with exceptional performance, maintenance free, usage is the easiest! It’s simple, best price, best value! The world of network management is evolving with ManageEngine.
After we bought OpManager, we put the main dashboard outside the main datacenter into an LCD displays. So now, the operators can see in real time if the devices are expecting some kind of trouble.
We have about 50 branch offices and have a single main dashboard for the information of performance such as servers, switches and routers, even the bandwidth utilization with the NetFlow analysis.
We could foresee if we have any problem with some links, where we could study the root cause and apply QoS for the best performance. The alerts are great! We are sending alerts even as SMS messages because I don’t need to install or configure a complicated modem system, simply connect a cell phone and that’s it! It’s awesome! Oohh, I forget to say, for the event alarms we can log a ticket to the Help Desk IT, we are on the 3th year with ManageEngine Products and I love it!
I like everything OpManager. But my best 2 are the easiest way to add devices and generate reports and the simplest application maintenance.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager hit the ground running, and never looked back

14-Dec-2012 09:43:46
We are an employee owned bank and financial services company in southwest Missouri, US. We have 14 branches, routed and switched with Cisco.
In the past I have used many management tools viz. SolarWinds, Zenoss, Altiris…The ease of use and other ManageEngine products gave me more confidence in trying OpManager.
My experience with OpManager hit the ground running, and never looked back. With all other products, there were always issues that were game-stoppers at one stage or another, not with OpManager. It is very intuitive and very easy to manage.
I recommend OpManager

Quick return on investment

14-Dec-2012 07:13:51
We are one of Canada’s leading independent mortgage financing companies. We operate in three lines of business: residential mortgages, commercial mortgages and construction loans. We have 11 office locations located across Canada supporting 700 users. All branches fully redundant and support VOIP to data center-based contact center management system.
Pricing, functionality, and future integration were strong considerations for us to choose OpManager. Evaluation and proof-of-concept testing demonstrated fast time-to-market with very short learning curve. Customer service is extremely responsive to issues. Product is stable but periodic database issues (resolvable) are pain points. Some SNMP MIB ID’s do not align with dashboard controls (e.g. CPU on a Procurve switch).
Easy to set-up and configuration translates to quick return on investment and configurable and reliable notifications are my favorite features.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager is like a true friend, who alerts us in advance and helps us in planning for future.

13-Dec-2012 23:32:20
I work as the Associate Director of Infrastructure Services with ArisGlobal Software Pvt Ltd. ArisGlobal provides software solutions for the life sciences industry. We work with a combination of networking and security devices used in a mission-critical business environment.
We found this tool with the help of a web search. We have found the tool easy to operate and also very cost effective. I can compare the OpManager to that of a true friend – A true friend who alerts us in advance and helps us plan for the future. This friend is so close to our hearts that we have projected the OpManager landscape on a big LED screen so we can keep a close watch day and night. This screen is such an integral part of our IT life that our day begins and ends with the OpManager. We look at the OpManager screen with mixed anxiety in anticipation of both good and bad. We leave office every day after a final look at the OpManager with the assurance that everything is fine.
The ease of installation and configuration (doesn’t need any agent on client’s side), the GUI of OpManager and the dashboards are very friendly. These dashboards are very effective for Managing our IT and Business Operations. The agility of customization is very appreciable in this product.
Three colors in the OpManager graphs are saviors of our business. Green gives us the confidence that the health is doing well, yellow alerts us to check the health, Red warns to do an immediate surgery to put the health of the patient on the recovery path.
Wonder what would have been the situation without OpManager! Thank you so much ManageEngine!
I recommend OpManager

Have everything you need to manage the network

13-Dec-2012 08:34:30
OpManager is not bad at all, it almost has everything you need to manage the network. The software made our complex network management so easy. The quick glance at the event summary and the business views helped us a lot in curbing the issues before the end-users raise it.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager is easy to use, less expensive compared to other products out there.

13-Dec-2012 10:42:09
I work as a Network Control Analyst for a baked goods manufacturer for the past 6 Years. We have a Data Center that houses our AS400 System, VOIP System and 20 Physical Servers and 50 Hyper V Servers along with all our networking Devices.
OpManager works out of the box, easy to setup and very user friendly. I have been using it for more than 4 years now. These values made us choose OpManager over Solarwinds and What’s Up Gold.
I like the URL monitoring feature and exhaustive server performance monitoring in OpManager. Overall OpManager is easy to use, less expensive compared to other products out there in the market. It’s been doing always what I need it for.
I recommend OpManager

Ease of setup, flexibility and price

14-Dec-2012 12:54:45
I have 32 years of IT experience, Former retail computer store owner with 20+ years networking experience. I work for a community Bank with 20 locations in two states of USA. We have 100+ network devices, 300+ workstations, 275 employees to support. Our sites are connected through metro Ethernet fiber ring 5mb pipes to each office, 100mb to warm site and we have CISCO based networking gear.
I have tried a bunch of network management software in the past (Solarwinds, What’s up Gold, Zabbix, Cisco NAMs with Prime Assurance Manager) and currently I just depend on OpManager. It is easy to setup, flexible to monitor and manage our infrastructure and rightly priced.
Awesome product! Very easy to setup and configure, using 4 – 55″ monitors for a total overall view of our status. We are monitoring not only network, but virtualized server infrastructure status as well. The interface and the NetFlow graphing capabilities are really a value add to manage our network.
I recommend OpManager

No need to baby-sit OpManager

13-Dec-2012 11:06:50
I work for a company which is the cloud leader with the most mature and reliable Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform in the market. Based out of North Carolina, USA our network has Windows, SQL Servers, F5, Cisco and Dell equipment to manage.
The very reason why I consider being with OpManager is Ease of use and flexibility. I’ve been able to use VBScripting to enhance functionality I want in particular. Script monitoring is also used to enhance SQL monitoring and trending.
So far my experience with OpManager is excellent. I am new to my current company (8 months) and brought OpManager into this new company from my previous. I brought OpManager into my previous (8 years) job after testing many different solutions (Unicenter TNG, MOM, Solar Winds, Splunk and a few others.). OpManager provides a very easy interface to use and maintain. Being able to quickly maintain and add new resources was vital for us. Other tools took too long to implement and being able to continuously maintain them became a full time job. OpManager has to be maintained and tweaked but it is by no means a full time job.
The use of WMI and SNMP is key to the solutions I was looking for. Flexibility in a Windows Environment with WMI and Agentless monitoring made OpManager as the best choice for us.
I recommend OpManager

We get a “Bird’s Eye” view on the status of our systems

13-Dec-2012 12:43:15
I am a Senior Engineer with over 23 years of experience in Information Technology. I am certified in several software and hardware specific products, and also hold a Bachelor’s degree in IT.
Our network infrastructure consists of over 400+ Windows, Linux, and Unix based servers in two Network Operating Center locations. We also support over 5000 workstations and over 400 switches and routers.
We have been using AD Manager Plus for over three years and have come to rely on it as one of our main reporting and management tools for Active Directory. We also like ManageEngine’s support and the quick response they provide us in resolving our issues.
We initially purchased OpManager for our Windows Environment, and it has been working extremely well for us so far. We are now considering using it to monitor other aspects of our infrastructure like DHCP, routers, switches, and Unix hosts.
Our OpManager experience is very limited at the moment, because we have only just started using it a few months ago. It is very easy to learn, so we expect that our experience with it will grow quickly as we continue to use it more.
Two things we like about OpManager are the Overview screen, and its reporting capabilities. The Overview screen provides us with a “Bird’s Eye” view on the status of our systems, and OpManager reports provide excellent graphical and Excel reports on performance, uptime and other important historical data about our environment.
I recommend OpManager

No other network management tool had the cost/benefit ratio of OpManager.

13-Dec-2012 12:11:40
I am an IT Analyst with 10+ years’ experience in managing infrastructure from Servers to Storage, Network devices and Virtual Infrastructure. I work for a large Travel industry. It is a leader in the Global Distribution System business, providing services to airlines, travel agencies and hotels. We run mostly on Cisco infrastructure, from Distribution switches to core switches and routers.
We tried other tools when selecting a management tool for our business unit, but none had the cost/benefit ratio of OpManager. We also use ServiceDesk Plus, and as it integrates with OpManager we have some good advantage in creating incidents based on alarms.
It is a solid product, flexible, as you can construct your own monitors based on traps for example, and the list of supported devices with out of the box monitoring is growing. We are happy with the product, as it provides us with a very customizable monitoring, for a large number of different devices, networking, virtualization, servers, storage, etc. most of them without a need of additional plugins.
I recommend OpManager

I switched form CA Unicenter to OpManager for its cost and its efficiency

13-Dec-2012 03:15:12
We are a leader in production of components in stainless steel and aluminum (drawers, doors, sinks, panels, etc.). We have over 100 distribution points in Europe and Mediterranean area through a network of agents, retailers, warehouses and branches. We have a multi-site infrastructure connected through VPN. We are primarily a Windows shop for our client and server OSes and few Linux servers.
I switched form CA Unicenter to OpManager for its cost and its efficiency in monitoring our complete network. I tried other freeware software in between and returned to use OpManager. OpManager is really easy to configure and the interface is very friendly.
I recommend OpManager

It has the fast (performance) and good support

14-Dec-2012 06:12:14
I am working as a system/network engineer for a big global enterprise. I am based in the Dutch office. Our company is a global leader on all sorts of electrical and electronic products, ranging from power tools to construction machinery and from small computer parts to high end storage devices.
We maintain the logistics services for this enterprise for Europe. We have several servers, hardware and VMs (about 50).
OpManager was in place when I joined this company. On a 1-10 level base, I would say 8 for OpManager. It has the fast (performance) and good support.
I recommend OpManager

I do not need to use any more tools OpManager has it all for me

13-Dec-2012 13:30:10
I work as Director of Telecommunications and I’m responsible for our networks (LAN WAN, satellite), internet, telephony and perimeter security of the company. We are in the oil industry and have 1,200 users in several countries to support.
The best thing about my experience is that I proposed to install OpManager product in the company and I was told by a lot that I’m crazy. Today, those same people cannot live without this product. I do not need to use any more tools as OpManager has it all for me.
It is very easy to manage and the views and graphics are very clear to pinpoint any performance problems and outages.
I recommend OpManager

Saves lot of time and effort. It is priceless.

13-Dec-2012 11:20:56
Our company is the largest manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of high quality stock and custom envelopes, labels and related mailing products. Our IT houses multiplatform infrastructure, Windows, Mac, Linux, AS400 and mainly the Windows Active Directory.
To me OpManager is a centralized A to Z Monitoring of systems health. The application is awesome, just awesome. Considering the waste of time using too many different tools to do the 50% of what OpManager is capable of doing, is priceless. The detailed server specific monitoring and the customizable alerting are the real plus to this app.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager is the simplest NMS of all.

13-Dec-2012 10:15:09
With over 15 years professional experience in Information Technology and Operational Services, I currently lead the IT Operations and Technical Services teams in support of all Back-Office Operations and Infrastructure. My organization is an industry leading telecommunications broker in the wireless and wire-line LD wholesale and consumer markets. We have a mixed Private WAN, B2B VPN, TDM, IP, SIP, MPLS, RIP, BGP, OSPF/BFD and other assorted diverse technologies are deployed throughout.
Of all the software (Solarwinds, Cacti, IPMonitor) I have used in the past, OpManager is the simplest NMS of all. It is an excellent software. The OpManager Team has always been responsive, helpful and very accommodating on any and all enhancements, questions and implementations we have completed. I really like the Custom Notification configuration tools and IT Automation workflows. I enjoyed it.
I recommend OpManager

This saves my company money, and reduces my stress.

13-Dec-2012 13:35:53
My company is a US division of an international renowned tyre manufacturing company.
My facility has a heterogeneous mix of PC, servers, environmental sensor, camera system, machine control units, etc. I monitor roughly 400 for various parameters, including interface status, drive space, running services, et. al.
The price and capability to handle WMI easily made me choose OpManager. Earlier, we were using home grown scripts to manage our network. OpManager has helped me discover some issues before they became critical. This saves my company money, and reduces my stress.
There is a general ease of use. The discovery process is configurable and effective. The device templates allow me to setup legacy and oddball devices by their SNMP signatures that would otherwise be unknown.
I like the idea of the Switch Port Mapper, but have not had the success that I would like to have had with it.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager has been extremely valuable to us

13-Dec-2012 02:12:21
I have been working in various fields of the IT industry for 20 years working my way from basic build and fix through to system support through to the governance focused role I am in today.
We are an established UK insurer specializing in the design and manufacture of financial products since 2005. We operate a flat network between two sites consisting of Dell switching and for MPLS inter-site provision Cisco.
I have used several public domain utilities, earlier to using OpManager. The need to effectively monitor the corporate network and server architecture were on the top of our mind, when we considered OpManager.
OpManager has been extremely valuable to us and cost effective, helping us on numerous occasions in highlighting pain points for remediation. My favorites are the customization ability and reporting in OpManager.
I recommend OpManager

Real-time alerts and easy-to-configure made us choose OpManager.

12-Dec-2012 19:51:54
I work as Technical Support Manager in a large contact directory books company in Thailand. We also have a call center and offer e-commerce services to our customers.
We have a major datacenter facility and a Disaster Recovery Site for business continuity. Our DC hosts variety of devices right from Cisco routers/ firewalls/ IPS, Bluecoat Pack Shaper, Fiberlogic Load Balance Link and lots of VMware ESXi servers. I’m responsible for the uptime of all the services and devices.
I was using IPswitch prior to using OpManager. Now I monitor all of my datacenter devices and services using OpManager. It is very easy to configure and it has made our IT more efficient with proactive alerts through email. Though very rarely it raises false positives, I really love it.
I recommend OpManager

I use OpManager for more than 3 years and I like it

13-Dec-2012 01:44:00
We are a government organization with 30+ servers to manage and about 200 users to serve. I have been using OpManager for 3 years now and I like its prompt reporting feature and good support. It covers all the network monitoring requirements we have. Besides OpManager, we use NetFlow Analyzer, AD Audit Plus and ServiceDesk Plus from ManageEngine. I really like it.
I recommend OpManager

The ability to monitor all our server hardware and OSes is really good

12-Dec-2012 18:47:53
I have more than eleven years of experience in Telecommunication and Department of Information & Technology. Our company is a leading internet and TV cable provider in Indonesia. We manage a wide range of mixed server infrastructure say hardware from IBM, Dell and HP and OSes such as Windows, Linux, and AIX.
IMO, OpManager is the best monitoring software with great GUI and SLA reports. The ability to monitor all our server hardware and OSes is really good.
I recommend OpManager

The overall experience with OpManager is excellent.

10-Dec-2012 22:39:36
Our company provides end-to-end telecommunication solutions for business and residential customers across the nation and internationally. I head the complete enterprise delivery group, handling cradle to grave responsibility for enterprise customer deliveries.
Our network has carrier-grade routers catering to various internet services comprising of enterprise and retail internet. It includes 500+ network elements, which are excellently managed by ManageEngine OpManager.
We chose OpManager over What’s Up Gold and Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor, because it is
• Simple and efficient.
• Easy to operate and can be customized to your monitoring need.
• Better structured and quick support.
It has been a great experience to work with OpManager. Make sure you have the right device templates to monitor or create one. That’s it, now you can provide one touch operations to manage your network. It’s truly a user friendly tool.
Features like report customization and report scheduling eases the operations and daily routine work on NOC engineers. The SNMP trap forwarding feature really helps us a lot.
The overall experience with the tool has been excellent.
I recommend OpManager

we love the reporting ability and its dependability.

10-Dec-2012 11:33:39
We provide iPBX VoIP and internet services to small and midsize businesses. Our main infrastructure has edge servers, firewalls, application servers, mail servers and our main NAS. We use OpManager as our main monitoring and reporting tool.
We never had to change from the current OpManager. We saw reviews on how well the monitoring and reporting was for OpManager. We had this one and it just works. It has never gone down; it has never caused any problems.
Overall our experience has been incredibly positive. OpManager’s reporting ability has allowed us as an ISP to retain customers. It has allowed us to extract real time reports and historical reporting that helps explain our client’s purchased services in a manner that is easy for them to understand.
Along with everything else about OpManager, we love the reporting ability and its dependability. I can pull reports from months ago or for this instance. It never goes down and always runs!
I recommend OpManager

Simple to configure, Rich SNMP functionality and MIB support.

10-Dec-2012 11:29:39
I work for a leading telematics company, implements the next generation of connected services for the automobile in USA. Our network infrastructure consists of multiple data centers in 4 countries.
We had OpManager in use for a long time now and I manage and maintain the OpManager infrastructure. IMO it is one of the most simple-to-configure solutions with rich SNMP functionality and MIB support.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager provides superior features and at price that makes it very attractive.

07-Dec-2012 10:07:59
I work as the Lead Network Analyst with 13+ years of experience in the IT field. Our company is a leading provider of financial transactions services. The lending division consists of 6 separate sites connected via a private WAN link. Servers in each location present a challenge to monitor and maintain the systems.
Earlier to choosing OpManager, I’ve used SMS and What’s Up but not anymore. OpManager provides superior features and at a price that makes it very attractive.
OpManager has been easy to configure and use. Installation was quick and if you can click next, you can set it up.
OpManager provides an intuitive interface design and the support I receive is quick and effective.
I recommend OpManager

Low cost and overall features and easy-to-use made us consider OpManager over EMC SMARTs.

07-Dec-2012 10:23:42
I have been working with this organization for 4 years and have been managing / monitoring devices with OpManager since I started. We manage around 800 devices using OpManager, which varies from routers, switches, firewalls, servers and more…
Low cost and overall features and ease-of-use made us consider OpManager over EMC SMARTs. In addition to OpManager, we use Password Manager Pro, NetFlow Analyzer and OpUtils from ManageEngine.
Quick viewing of down devices via Website Dashboard and ease of use are my favorite features in OpManager. Also support is very responsive and knowledgeable about their product!
I really would like to see a thin client application that can be used instead of web and more options for viewing VM devices. I would like to also see all VM servers like you would if you choose Server in the infrastructure maps.
I recommend OpManager

It has provided us a real-time 360° visibility of our network backbone

10-Dec-2012 02:34:18
MBA (IT) with 15+ years’ of experience in heading IT Infrastructure Development operations and I work for a leading DTH service provider in India. Being a service provider, our network infrastructure is comprised of various technologies from Cisco, Extreme networks, Juniper on WAN & LAN architecture including MPLS Tunnels.
Earlier in my profession, I have used SCOM with Jalasoft Plugins, Whatsup & Cisco works and other native EMS. Currently I use more than 6 products from ManageEngine. Apart from OpManager, I use Application Manager, Netflow Analyzer, Firewall analyzer, Opstor & Servicedesk+.
OpManager is proven to offer a quick ROI, Cost Effective, customizable, feature packed value for money product. OpManager has provided our company with powerful discovery, mapping, SNMP and WMI monitoring, alerting, notification and reporting capabilities. It has provided us a real-time 360° visibility of our network backbone, actionable intelligence and complete control for a growing organization.
We are using this product from last 3+ years since we launched our business services and since then this has given us stamina to survive during odd times. It provided us with more features than we even needed, while being reliable, scalable and extensible. On top of that, it offered us the perfect price point to go with.
The strong and easy integration capability and easy to use interface is the forte of the product. We were undoubtedly benefited by this powerful boon in past and would keep on relishing this future ready product in this environment which is critical and customer-centric.
The robust alerting & workflow management which handles the technical operation life-cycle in the easiest way and seamless integration with other ManageEngine products along with the API integration feature that provides an ease to develop a customized page based on business needs are my favorites in OpManager.
I recommend OpManager

It is easy-to-use, very reliable and affordable

09-Dec-2012 19:33:12
I’m working in IT for 12+ years now. Started working in a helpdesk role, then moved as a senior tech, a Team Leader and now, an IT Manager.
Our company is an automotive dealer group. We deal with 9 different car brands. We have 6 sites and a data center. Our network infrastructure is centralized and virtualized. Majority of our users connect to our data center to access the infrastructure.
A service provider in my past profiles, I used to deal with OpManager. It is easy-to-use, very reliable and when I see the price it is very affordable.
I’ll ask administrators to give it a try in their network to see how it works for them.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager is unique in cost vs features offered, when equated to HP Openview

07-Dec-2012 10:23:25
Our company is the leading provider of advanced electronic invoice, approval workflow, and payment solutions. We have a very mixed, complex multi-vendor heterogeneous network to manage.

OpManager is unique in cost vs features offered, when equated to HP Openview, which I was using earlier. Besides that, instant bandwidth view dashboards and ease of use is really good.
My experience with OpManager is mostly good, however few issues crop up with the engine not monitoring disk space properly on clusters environment.

I recommend OpManager

Outstanding monitoring features, easy to use and complete overview of Infrastructure

07-Dec-2012 08:35:31
I work for a general hospital in Netherlands. Our infrastructure has 20 Cisco 4500 switches and 2 core 6500 switches, 250 virtual servers hosted in 10 physical VMware servers and 50 physically servers. To manage all these, I just use OpManager and one other product-related to Cisco.
I’ve been using OpManager for the past 6 years, since its version 5. Its ability to present the complete overview of the infrastructure health, ease of use, its widespread monitoring functionality such as SQL, AD, Exchange, VMWare and NETAPP are outstanding.
Hope they will include Citrix Monitoring down the line, to make it more extensive.
I recommend OpManager

The one tool to monitor your infrastructure that is cost effective.

07-Dec-2012 11:33:31
Our company is the one of the leading technology providers that empowers travel companies, loyalty programs and financial services institutions to deliver a rich online experience. The company is the bedrock upon which the world’s leading travel and loyalty brands are built. Our SaaS platform processes over $750 million worth of commerce every year. And more than 100 billion travel loyalty points have been redeemed through our platform, allowing travelers to visit nearly every country on the planet.
Like any other large network our infrastructure is complex and includes a mixture of fiber, Ethernet connectivity including10GB switching fabric, TCP acceleration, load balancing, virtualization, Linux, Windows, database servers. In addition multiple storage architectures including SAN, NAS, SSD, RAID are in use for storage. Security using IDP, firewalls and security practices such as 2-factor for authentication.
I’ve used several tools in the past e.g. Nagios, WhatsUp, Cacti, Orion, Bigbrother, etc… before settling with ManageEngine. The feature set, completeness of monitoring everything using one tool and cost was really a large factor that made us choose ManageEngine OpManager.
Since being a user over 3 years, updates are consistent and any issues are dealt with in a timely fashion.
I thoroughly enjoy using the OpManager product. I use it daily to keep a heart beat on the health of our infrastructure. I use it for forecasting, troubleshooting and being alerted using escalation profiles to ensure systems are operating properly. Agent less monitoring and virtual device integration is my two favorites.
I strongly recommend OpManager to other administrators and urge then to give it a try in their network.
I recommend OpManager

Very satisfied, surprisingly found all the new features we wanted to monitor already there as features.

07-Dec-2012 13:23:10
Our company provides sports and entertainment venues with the software needed to facilitate automated ticketing. Our IT infrastructure is made of mixture of quite a lot of vendors. Cisco 6500 core switches, access switches, firewalls, older PIX, Juniper SSL VPN devices, F5 load balancers, Citrix netscalars. Netapp appliances as well.
We used a couple of home grown tools, used rrd, used Nagios, Sitescope and Solarwinds in the past. OpManager is a clear choice for us because it is economical and adequate for our environment. To list them
• Comprehensive view for various network vendor equipment
• Easy to setup and provides manageability
• Low overhead in resources for managing several monitors
I’m very satisfied with the features, and surprisingly found all the new aspects that we wanted to monitor already there as features. The CCTV Views, Configuration Management – Compliance view are my favorites.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager provides excellent notifications during fault

07-Dec-2012 05:59:08
I’ve been using OpManager over a year and find it very useful. It is very simple-to-use and efficient. It provides excellent notifications during fault and also offers a complete inventory of the devices managed.
Currently I use HP SIM apart from OpManager. It will be more useful if some advanced monitoring functions are added to OpManager.
I recommend OpManager

Production is 100% better, no more connection issues or space issues

07-Dec-2012 10:23:17
We are a government board for industries. We have 125 users across 6 remote offices in Canada. We are a Microsoft shop for our servers OSs and have 7 physical and 10 virtual servers.
Before ManageEngine, we had nothing other than finding out the hard way, if a server was down or a service had stopped. We were in need of a complete monitoring and tracking solution. Thanks to OpManager, NetFlow and ServiceDesk Plus.
Now the situation is reversed, we have regional offices that we can foresee issues and fix them, instead of fixing after it was too late. Production is 100% better no more connection issues or space issues. OpManager and NetFlow has brought the insights we needed in the infrastructure, the ability to automatically raise the ticket in ServiceDesk Plus is really a boon.
I recommend OpManager

Very efficient in monitoring my network

07-Dec-2012 03:04:47
I was using Nagios, GFI LanGuard, and some free tools to manage my network. At present I use OpManager to monitor 160 network points and Nagios as well.
Pricing and performance were the reasons for considering OpManager. OpManager is easy-to-use and friendly. It is very efficient in monitoring my network.
I recommend OpManager

Support team responds quickly

07-Dec-2012 02:43:34
Using OpManager for monitoring my network. Their support team responds quickly and offers good support via remote sessions also.
Apart from OpManager I also use ServiceDesk Plus and Asset Explorer from ManageEngine.
I recommend OpManager

One tool that can be used to monitor & manage all IT

07-Dec-2012 01:48:00
I’m the Head of IT for a leading company in the capital market for small and medium-sized companies. We offer a full range of capital market services in corporate finance, equity research, equity sales and asset management.
I manage a virtual environment running on VMware with both Microsoft and Linux. Before using OpManager I had used HP Systems Management.
OpManager is a complete network monitoring software. It gives us a full control over network, servers and applications. It is a one tool that can be used to monitor and manage all IT. OpManager is very good, easy-to-use and offers lot of good functions.
The two things I like with OpManager are, it offers good system overview and options to personalize. The other one is the workflow and its actions.
I would like to have an option to group devices so that it becomes easy to handle alarms for different departments.
Apart from OpManager we also use ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer, Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus.
I recommend OpManager

Problems in our infrastructure are solved in a minute

06-Dec-2012 00:22:27
I’m working for a Pharmaceutical Company on the Automation Department. Behind the big Wide Web secured by IPS IDS we have 3 networks for Office, Manufacturing and Servers. All the data goes through the IDS/IPS.
We tried some free tools before using OpManager. But, after trying OpManager we saw the benefit of adding all our devices that vary from 10Mbit (serial to TCP-IP) devices to 10Gb Core’s.
The impressive part with OpManager is all the devices are displayed in an overview. So the problems in our infrastructure are solved in a minute. OpManager is also easy to setup and use. We did not use any other solution after implementing OpManager.
We’re using OpManager for 1 Year now. The last 3 months we have added all of our critical devices. Reason is to monitor our Outsource partner as well.
I recommend OpManager

Easy-to-use and extensive

06-Dec-2012 06:36:10
I’m in charge of managing an IT that is accessed by 1000 users. Earlier I used to monitor my IT with open source tools and Brocade Network Manager. Now using OpManager for over 4 years and find it easy-to-use and extensive.
I’m also using ManageEngine OpStore along with OpManager. I’m looking for some enhancements for analyzing NetFlow.
I recommend OpManager

Saves lots of time and effort

05-Dec-2012 23:28:00
I am working as Manager-IT Infrastructure Support in a bank. I manage about 500 + Servers in our environment including 150 virtual Servers. Servers are distributed between Primary site and DR Site.
I chose OpManager for its features, functionality and pricing. OpManager is great, saves lots of time and effort involved in monitoring each servers manually. Network Links, Routers, switches, firewall, netscaler are monitored seamlessly in real time with OpManager.
Few things I like about OpManager are one console for all Server, Network and Applications and easy to install and configure.
Dashboards should be improved it’s not satisfying. Server monitoring should also provide hardware details.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager support team offers quick and better support

07-Dec-2012 03:19:29
I’m a systems administrator. We use OpManager for managing our 50 servers distributed across Russia, Swiss and China.
Before using OpManager, I used VB scripts to monitor the servers. OpManager is my first global monitoring system to monitor my servers. It is very easy-to-use. OpManager technical support team offers quick and better support. They also have useful how-to instructions as videos.
I also use HP Homepage besides OpManager to manage my network.
I recommend OpManager

Big product for a small price

07-Dec-2012 02:39:01
I’m a System/Network Engineer managing the IT of City hall in Netherlands with 350 users. I have been using OpManager for 7 years to manage our servers (physical and virtual), databases, and switches.
I like OpManager because it is a big product for a small price. It is simple to configure and does not require editing multiple files to make it work. Its real time graphs are excellent.
I recommend OpManager

Easy to manage, overlook and understand

07-Dec-2012 01:57:15
My company is one of the leading consultancy firms in the Nordic region. In all, we have more than 1700 specialists in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Russia. We provide IT solutions, services, business consultancy and strategic advice to our clients. – Application Management, Business & IT Management, Decision Support, System Development, Technology Management, Test & Quality Management and Web & Collaboration.
I´m working in a combined role as ITSM Consultant / Service Operations Manager in the middle of Sweden. Our company has over 2000 employees and I take care of the internal IT Infra and also working with customers implementing ITSM and ManageEngine systems to support the processes.
The infrastructure I monitor is a Nordic spread network with firewalls and servers on 25 different locations managed from a central point. With server environments containing physical servers, VMWare and HyperV, we are using OpManager to monitor all the components.
Before using OpManager I have used Microsoft SCOM & SCCM. OpManager is easy-to-manage, offers overall outlook and understandable. It is accurate and precise. In my experience I’ve implemented, setup and done consultation for OpManager, for both User and Admin.
The things I like with OpManager are the possibility to get a good overlook in the infrastructure views and the possibility to manage and monitor many devices in an instance.
I expect better support for HyperV monitoring and Virtual device hosts. It´s ok today but need some tuning. I also need the ability for admin to make “global” views and admin interfaces for all the administrators in the system to be able to modify tabs for everyone using the system.
Now along with OpManager, I also use Desktop Central, ServiceDesk Plus, Support Center Plus and Password Manager from ManageEngine.
I recommend OpManager

Compare to HP Openview & What’s Up, OpManager is the best out of the box NMS product ever!

04-Dec-2012 06:05:48
We are a medical equipment manufacturer in developing infusion therapy and pain management products and services that meet the highest standards for quality, safety, sustainability and efficiency. We have several hundred servers and network devices that consist of Cisco, HP, Leibert, & SAP Open systems as well as other devices which get monitored.
I hold the responsibility for the installation and management of the OpManager product in our company. In my practice, I have used tools such as HP Openview and What’s Up Gold to manage our network. We chose OpManager for it’s out of box ease use, easy to add and discover devices, 100% web interface. In short, Best out of the box product ever!
We have been using OpManager for a few years now and it by far the most reliable, easy to use monitoring tool we have ever used. Updates are released frequently and functional improvements have also been fantastic.
My request to the team is to bring easier way to implement SNMP mibs. Better enhancement of the Workflow tools and perhaps an option for consulting services to review our installation and recommend any improvements and training to fully use the product.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager has a very good price-quality ratio. Incredibly good support

03-Dec-2012 21:22:38
I’m working in the data administration department as system specialist. I manage our company’s SD+ and OpManager software.
Our company is a part financial group of a large car manufacturing company in the world. In our division, we have about 700 desktops and about 70 servers to manage. Our private network with its devices posts a greater challenge, because we have six remote sites to serve.
Previously, we had our own custom made “service desk” software, where we were only able to write gigs and send resolution to the customer. And IPCheck server monitor to take care of our network and servers. Now we have a single vendor solution to depend on.
OpManager is very easy to use and there are a lot of device templates to monitor our devices. OpManager also has a very good price-quality ratio. My experience is very good. I´m little bit surprised how good and versatile it is. I think that I found almost every week something new. And one of the most important things is the how good support works, and I can say it works incredibly fine.
The customizable dashboards and the ability to configure different workflows for events are my best features in OpManager.
ServiceDesk Plus is also very versatile and has a good price-quality ratio. OpManager has a good integration with ServiceDesk+.
I recommend OpManager

The performance and wide monitoring templates are truly good

30-Nov-2012 03:13:57
We’re providing managed services in infrastructure and application for our customers.
OpManager is the best solution for our proactive network monitoring. We currently use it with the NCM and NFA plug-in. In addition, we also have DesktopCentral and ServiceDesk from ManageEngine.
The performance and wide monitoring templates are truly good for Network administrators like me.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager was selected (despite having SCOM). It’s reports out-matches any tool that I have used so far.

29-Nov-2012 21:36:28
Our company is the oldest local tea blending company with very strong customer base throughout Pakistan and internationally. We have deployed a fresh infrastructure around 2 years back where everything from data center, network cable to access switches to core switches , routers , firewalls were deployed.
We have deployed 10G capable networks and standardized cisco for switching & routing. Our branch network is on MPLS cloud. Our network users enjoy all internal services including voice & video due to a speedy, managed & scalable network.
OpManager was selected (despite having SCOM) for monitoring network devices. OpManager’s reports out-matches any tool that I have used so far, with precise and to the point reports that a manager could ask for a managed network. The same reports are highly useful to determine common problems in a network. Since I had used OpManager in my past workplace, I suggested the same for my current organization as well.
Over all it is an excellent tool for monitoring and managing your network. The map and customizable dashboard looks is the best view for a NOC team.
Previously we were using a bunch of standalone tools for monitoring and troubleshooting.
At time of trouble shooting OpManager with combination of NetFlow and Firewall analyzer is the best integrated and single platform solution any techie would wish for.
We have done / tested it practically tons of times and results were always positive and pin pointed.
Of all, I like OpManager Map views, where we have placed Pakistan’s Map along with our branch locations and the link between them.
The integration between OpManager, NetFlow & Firewall analyzer. This gave us an integrated single window feeling for our whole infrastructure monitoring. And let’s not forget how easy it is to setup compared to what’s up, Cisco works, Solarwind.
What my management likes is that OpManager is affordable as compared to the others.
This is the same reason, why we considered Manageengine for ADManager and ADSelfService as the next set of products from the ManageEngine repository.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager excelled among other solutions for its customization, strong support team and cost.

29-Nov-2012 06:16:25
I’m an IT manager managing Network & Security operations. In the past I have been managing Datacenters for our company. Our company is a semiconductor manufacturing company & has three main sites. We are using OpManager along with Applications Manager on two of our sites.
We have wide range of network devices being monitored using OpManager with NetFlow plugin.
I have personally worked with many NMS solutions such as Zenoss, Tivoli, HP SIM, IBM Director, Solarwinds, BMC Patrol among all these solutions we choose OpManager, because is a highly customizable tool, has a strong technical support team in Chennai and less expensive.
Although it is not 100% complete, it covers 85% of Infrastructure monitoring requirements e.g. It does not have capability of monitoring cluster services, real time monitoring but it does more than a decent job based on the price paid for.
I recommend OpManager

Of all I find OpManager better in ease of configuration and use

29-Nov-2012 02:17:58
I work for a technical university based out of UAE and I have about 15+ years of experience in the IT field and worked in different environments with all kinds of hardware/software.
We have 17 campuses and all critical services are hosted centrally in our data center. The campuses are connected to the central network via 1 G WAN links. We have about 200+ servers with all flavors of windows/ RHEL/ Solaris/ HP UX, etc…
In my profession, I had a chance to work with different solutions to manage my network. Of all I find OpManager better in ease of configuration and use.
It has been a good experience so far to me. Very seamless and excellent to install/ configure and discover the network. The dashboards and the ease of discovery of servers/appliances are my favorites.
I recommend OpManager

Overall, it is a good experience and it needs some improvements

29-Nov-2012 02:26:35
We are one of the renowned banks in Kuwait. We are 100% HP shop for our server hardware and switching gears. This got me to use HP IMC, on top of that, I also have OpManager. The reason is, OpManager is cost effective, user friendly and fulfills our expectation of monitoring the performance of our network. It is a really a good tool; the straight-forward licensing is really a plus.
I feel, the GUI can be offered with more customization capabilities and reporting can be made better. Overall it is a good experience and it needs some improvements.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager is better for its performance, accuracy, alerting and reporting.

29-Nov-2012 02:11:31
We are a renowned automobile company manufacturing 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers in India. I’m responsible to manage more than 22 AO offices, consisting of 4 firewalls, 25 routers, 40+ switches.
Of all the tools I’ve used in the past I find OpManager better for its performance, accuracy, swift incident alerts, and advance reporting capabilities. The auto discovery in OpManager and IP groups in NetFlow made my job to monitor and analyze the bandwidth usage very easy.
I feel the product is very good and offers lot of benefits to administrators like me.
I recommend OpManager

Chose OpManager over Solarwinds for scalability, features and integration with ME products.

29-Nov-2012 18:59:58
We are a provider of premium satellite solutions to emerging markets in Malaysia. We have a Microsoft-centric small enterprise network. In the past we have been using Solarwinds and we choose OpManager to switch because the application is scalable, new features being added all the time, meets our small network requirements.
We currently use Desktop Central, AD Audit Plus and Service Desk Plus from ManageEngine. OpManager is a useful tool, the dashboards and the linkage to SDP is really nice.
I recommend OpManager

We use OpManager from v5, its ease of use and report generation is unmatched

29-Nov-2012 04:30:08
EastNets is a leading provider of compliance and payment solutions and services for financial institutes and banks with headquarters in Dubai. We have 16 offices across Europe, North America, the Asia-Pacific and Middle East. And I take care of our datacenter management and operations.
We have been using ManageEngine for the past 7 years, and OpManager is the first management tool we used. Currently I use their IT360, Firewall Analyzer and EventLog Analyzer.
We are satisfied with the current OpManager and IT360 because of the features they offer. Secondly, value for investment. The features are comparable to vendor-specific tools, but a more practical licensing scheme and more affordable cost, especially for SMBs.
From version 5 to the current version, we have seen how the OpManager has evolved. From a basic feature of server monitoring to a more technically sophisticated solution. Its ease of use and report generation is the major benefit for our staff.
The device dashboards are organized not cluttered. Information at a glance is really handy.
I recommend OpManager

Using OpManager since 2005, the ease of use and dependability is close to none.

29-Nov-2012 12:29:12
We are a tractor dealer in Arkansas. We have 10 remote branches with Cisco Equipment and several servers at two separate branches. OpManager is our first and the only monitoring solution to manage our network.
We have been with OpManager since 2005 and have been pleased thoroughly with the results. Since 2005 we use it to monitor all Cisco Equipment, External Links we use as a business, and Servers. The ease of use and dependability is close to none.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager is efficient in processing of alarms

29-Nov-2012 06:04:46
I’m a 35 year old network dude. Have been working with Network design, deployment and provisioning as well as UC. I’m using OpManager for many years as well as ServiceDesk and also a lot of other vendors.
Our company specializes in home safety such as burglar alarms, smoke detectors and fire alarms. We have a complex infrastructure to support high demands as our core business have serious demands on uptime and reliability. Downtime is just not an option.
Our infrastructure has multiple data centers with high speed L2 links (10 Gig) as well as monitoring stations (that handles local authorities such as police and fire dept). Monitoring stations are spread across Europe. We use primarily Cisco, both in network as well as voice and contact center applications.
I personally used most of NMS solutions in the market :-) Ranging from Cisco works, HP open view, Solarwinds, whatsup, etc., OpManager is simple to set up, easy to customize and efficient in processing of alarms.
As I said, I have used it since the early days and the development have really been great. To be able to influence the development is just not seen anywhere else.
We have even got support and software fixes due to a strange network setup – all fixed in an evaluation version – before we even considered buying it – world class support I would say.
Customizations as well as the reporting are my 2 favorites – the Customizations are really good for setting up screens to different departments. The reporting saves me a lot of work when collecting data for our BI-system.
I recommend OpManager

I love OpManager’s ease of use and affordability

29-Nov-2012 02:23:50
We are an automotive agent for two major premium cars in Kuwait. We use OpManager to monitor our network right from the day one. Apart from the visibility it provides to me on our infrastructure, I love OpManager’s ease of use and affordability.
I recommend OpManager

Web based and easy to use

29-Nov-2012 02:06:59
OpManager is a very good tool to use. It is web based and easy to use. I expect it to operate at good speed and also offer better reports. Apart from OpManager I also use HP Procurve Manager.
I recommend OpManager

Good tool, Easy to deploy/ configure/ maintain compared to Solarwinds

29-Nov-2012 02:15:37
I work for one of the world’s best known beverages company in our country. We have around 100 critical nodes across Pakistan which needs effective monitoring and management.
We used Solarwinds in the past. However, we found OpManager to be a good tool, easy to deploy, easy to configure, easy to manage and fulfills our requirements.
As a product, we have a good experience, majority of requirements are fulfilled with this tool. Especially I like the dashboard for management.
I recommend OpManager

I find it more useful to manage our network

29-Nov-2012 05:31:07
I work for Europe division of one of the world’s leading tyres manufacturing companies. We have approximately 200 cisco gears/ wireless devices + HP ProLiant Servers.
Since 2009, I have been using OpManager to monitor the performance of my network/ servers and I find it more useful to manage our network. I like its ability to integrate with other ManageEngine products viz. Applications Manager.
I recommend OpManager

The price vs. features ratio was unbeatable in OpManager as against SCOM

29-Nov-2012 02:16:32
I’m a happy OpManager customer from Belgium working for 30 years in Network/Server environments for medium/large enterprises.
I work for a food manufacturing company with European customer-base, served from 11 production sites. These sites are connected through mixed private IP/VPN WAN and Internet-VPN tunnels.
Of my experience, I’ve used open source tools and MS SCOM to manage my network. But currently, we just have OpManager with NetFlow Plug-in. I feel there is a greater value for money invested. ManageEngine offers lots of functionality at an affordable price.
A lot of functionality in OpManager can be used right away from the start. Just enter some IP-address and credentials and your device/server is monitored! Activate NetFlow in a device and visibility on bandwidth usage is there within minutes!! I believe Netflow is just the must-have for any network. I strongly recommend administrators to give it a try in your network.
I recommend OpManager

My life has become too easy after OpManager has been introduced in our IT

25-Nov-2012 23:45:06
I am working as Engineer consultant -Server Management, handling infra monitoring projects. Currently I am assigned to a project in a company, which is the largest manufacturer of writing and printing paper in India. Of the seven manufacturing facilities, six are in India and one is at Malaysia. We have the latest technology in network that is available today in market.
Earlier we used HP Open View, Microsoft System center operations manager and Nagios.
I have really unforgettable experience with OpManager. My life has become too easy after OpManager has been introduced in our IT Infrastructure.
Previously we were using Microsoft System center operations manager. Problem with that tool was it was good for Microsoft products but bad for non-Microsoft products. In addition, we also used HP NNM.
But OpManager is the tool that welcomes most of the platforms. Also its flexible report helps me a lot while I am preparing Monthly MIS for top management.
Things that I like in OpManager is
1) It is easy to configure
2) It is easy to manage
3) Awesome technical support
4) It’s very easy to maintain.
5) It’s almost ready to use for new technicians as well, because of its GUI and very friendly interface.
I recommend OpManager

Constantly surprised by the feature set

26-Nov-2012 04:50:36
I am a network administrator working for a small financial institution. We have a small budget and needed a full feature Network Monitoring solution at a good price. We have twenty remote locations, VOIP phones, Virtualized Servers.
Earlier, we installed Cisco NAMs but were never happy with their performance.
With OpManager, the price was right, the configuration is not time consuming like other products. It displayed all of the information we wanted, and then some.
We had OpManager installed and a base configuration on it the first day. It was so easy to use and informative. The second day we turned on the NetFlow and were blown away. Since we have moved our entire server monitoring into the product as well. We are constantly surprised by the feature set of this program. We have suggested OpManager to every person that has come into our department.
The thing I like in OpManager is Netflow and highly customizable interfaces.
I recommend OpManager

Real-time reporting of all assets and devices

25-Nov-2012 07:31:50
I’m working as a Systems Lead, Infrastructure and Datacenter Operations for a federal health insurance authority. I’m responsible for managing a network of over 1000 Satellite and Radio Sites and 2000 active directory accounts.
Our infrastructure includes EMC Cluster of Storage, Checkpoint firewalls, Active Directory Domain Controllers, Oracle Database and Application Servers, Exchange Mail Servers, Cisco 6500 Core Switches, and a host of other network switches, routers and appliances. These are monitored on a daily basis using various ManageEngine Tools
Before using OpManager we used SCCM and SCOM. We switched to OpManager for its enterprise Management and real time reporting of all assets and devices. My Experience with OpManager has been excellent as of now. I like its reporting and alerting.
I would like OpManager to offer additional device templates for Example Huges Skyedge Satellite Modems.
Besides using OpManager, we also use ADAudit Plus, ServiceDesk Plus, and Exchange Reporter Plus from ManageEngine.
I recommend OpManager

I’m happy with ManageEngine

29-Nov-2012 02:45:02
We are an ISP in Saudi Arabia and we use OpManager and ServiceDesk Plus from ManageEngine. We use it to analyze the performance our systems and reporting. So far it is working pretty well and I’m happy about it.
I recommend OpManager

The ease of use and support for SNMP MIBs made us replace HP Openview

29-Nov-2012 02:13:53
We are a large international company with products like radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazine, & more…We have a global network with top of the technology infrastructure.
I have used HP Openview in the past to manage our network, however I find OpManager to be more easy to use, friendly application. The support for wide SNMP MIB and TRAP filters made it an easy choice for us.
The first version was a bad experience. The newest is better. I like so much the possibilities of filter trap SNMP and send a trap to another system manager. All I look form them now is for a good Spanish version.
I recommend OpManager

Useful to manage everything, not only HP

23-Nov-2012 08:32:51
I work as the IT Manager for a wallpaper fabrication company.
We are using Cisco switches in our IT. Earlier, we were using HP Insight Manager. Now we are using OpManager for 2years and almost everything is controlled by it. OpManager is very useful to manage everything, not only HP systems! It is very practical and very stable!
The things I like with OpManager are, it is straight forward and its dashboard – overview of everything.
I want OpManager to have more MIB files included. Also I want an iPad compatible GUI so that I can manage it from everywhere.
I recommend OpManager

Offers good value for money

28-Nov-2012 07:58:06
Working as an IT Systems Engineer in Aljazeera Balkans from the start. Currently we manage big infrastructure with 5 locations connected with MPLS, 2x Cisco Nexus 7000 and more than 700 devices…
I started using OpManager with no much experience.
However, I love the business view. OpManager offers good value for money.
The two things I like with OpManager are
1. Business views. So we draw every rack in Data center and put monitors on equipment. So everyone can see which device is affected by alarm. So, anyone can find the hardware in data center.
2. The multiple dashboards.
The enhancements that I look forward in OpManager are ability to add monitor values to business view map. Example: to see all the values (ex. temperature) on business view map. In that case, we can see the all temperature sensors and its values in all data center and more actions/ checks in workflow.
I recommend OpManager

Great app for infrastructure monitoring

23-Nov-2012 02:32:47
I’m an Infrastructure Administrator at a local automotive bank. I manage about 50 network devices from different vendors (CISCO, Checkpoint, Juniper).
Before using OpManager, we used CACTI & NAGIOS. We switched to OpManager for its price, functionality, and complexity of monitoring. OpManager is a great app for infrastructure monitoring.
I like OpManager because it offers lot of add-ons and performance.
Sometimes it is hard to manage all alarms thresholds. Interface can be more intuitive. Besides using OpManager, I also use ManageEngine AppManager and DeviceExpert.
I recommend OpManager

Helped in the evaluation stage

23-Nov-2012 02:31:25
I am a System Engineer. I work with a group of companies engaged in telecom and data transport business. We have a 1 GB backbone and an office to office connection.
We were using Lansweeper and Spiceworks before using OpManager. Our reseller recommended OpManager, and it is good at this moment.
The things I like with OpManager are it offers dashboard, and helped in the evaluation stage. It also offers a lot of extra good plugins.
I recommend OpManager

Easy to deploy, easy to learn and easy to analyze the report

22-Nov-2012 20:43:53
We are a POS solution provider and IT technical support of our group of companies. Our company has been in the industry for more than 30 years. We have diverse network connected by high speed private lease line and internet connection. We use top of the line equipment brand and OpManager is our primary monitoring tool for lease line and server resources.
We started off with monitoring our network with open source and free/shared management tools. As time moved, we were in search of a tool that is easy to deploy, easy to learn and easy to analyze the report. OpManager is the right choice for these.
The experience with OpManager is really great! It is effective in IP devices monitoring and is affordable.
I recommend OpManager

Versatile tool that has grown up with the demands

23-Nov-2012 07:00:44
I’m a technical official at the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Public Agency).
I work in the organization division that runs the telecommunication network that provides a fiber optic backbone, nodes are located in the provincial capital city, point of collection to the existing metro networks, which uses transmission technologies DWDM, IP / MPLS, Gigabit Ethernet. In simple terms, the network, consists of a fiber optic backbone that stretches for over 1290 km and has 9 Point-of-Presence (PoP) and interconnects the networks of the major metropolitan cities of Sardinia.
We were using HP OpenView before OpManager. OpManager is a versatile tool that has grown up with the demands and allows for a single dashboard of “intelligent systems” for the management of the network of central systems: server and cloud. It offers best value for money, functionality and modularity.
BTW OpManager’s User management and business views can be enhanced.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager’s ease to understand interface and price made us consider it over HP Openview

22-Nov-2012 10:18:03
We are an energy supplier and producer in Norway. We monitor about 295 Devices in Our infrastructure. 150 of them are servers, mostly Windows and some Linux. The rest of devices are layer2, layer3 Devices.
OpManager’s client-less management, price and the ease-of-use made us consider it over HP Openview. Easy to get-up and running and it can be managed by anyone with basic skills about Server management and TCP/IP. It works all the time, and it is great value for your money.
I recommend OpManager

The web interface and the product simplicity are the best

22-Nov-2012 11:19:25
We are a privately held largest chain of Canadian casual dining restaurants. Our infrastructure has 113 Servers, 115 Router, Switch, AP, FW to manage. I work with my current employer for the past 4 years. I have 14 years of experience in IT including HelpDesk earlier in my career, Senior Microsystems Technician, Network Administrator and now Senior Network Administrator. I have a good background in programming/scripting as well as an education in Network Infrastructures and Administration.
In my previous companies, I have used What’s Up Gold and IP Monitor to manage the network. OpManager was in-place when I arrived to this company, I like its simplicity compared to the other products I’ve used. The web interface and the product simplicity are the best.
I recommend OpManager

Very fast, easy to install and configure

23-Nov-2012 03:07:02
I work as an outsourced System Administrator in a number of companies in Israel.
The company that I’m current working on is a large global distribution and industrial metal supply center, handling a wide range of metals & engineering plastic products under one roof. The company has a very robust system and network infrastructure including some sister companies abroad that also have a number of sites each.
We used CA at the past in order to monitor the network.
OpManager is very fast and easy to install and configure. The product helps you get up and running very quickly (it took me about a half a day to configure the basic monitoring features (disk space, Partition Utilization, Disk Utilization, CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization monitors and notification profiles (SMS, e-Mail)) and add them to all my servers / VM’s / etc. it took me a couple of days more in order to configure each servers Services, Processes, File and folder monitors, AD Monitors, Exchange 2003 and 2010 monitors, SQL Monitors and Virtual infrastructure monitors). In short what would have taken me a month or more to configure in other monitoring systems took me less than a week to configure in OpManager.
The things I like with OpManager are it is very robust, monitors all kinds of infrastructures (Storage, Virtual infrastructure both Microsoft and VMware, Networking etc.) It is very very easy to install and configure (clientless).
I would like OpManager to add support for Citrix Xenapp Vitual Infrustructure, Citrix farm monitoring. Apart from this also add more SNMP monitors out of the box (so I wouldn’t need to get the MiBs and add them to the trap monitor myself (not everyone knows how to do this) and I really think that Storage MiB’s at least should be added to the Out of the Box experience with your recommending monitors already configured (just like you configured them for Servers’ Exchange etc.))
We are looking at ServiceDesk Plus and the MDM feature of ManageEngine at this time to add to our already up and running OpManager system.
I recommend OpManager

Simple-to-understand, easy to configure with detailed historical data/ logging

22-Nov-2012 22:44:21
Director of IT with over 10 years of IT experience. I’ve worked from small business to large enterprises and government organizations.
Our company provides small and medium sized medical practices with hosting solutions for EMR/EHR while providing end to end services. This comes in the form of product hosting, onsite and remote IT services, and comprehensive application training and support for EMR/EHR. Our hosting infrastructure consists of primarily VMware hosts and windows servers, edge routers and some layer 2 switches. Multiple fiber links to data-centers across 2 states.
My experience with OpManager has been pretty positive. Had a couple of minor issues with the product though. It does alerting well and provides the detailed history of performance that we need. The simple-to-understand, ease of configuring and detailed historical data/ logging made us consider OpManager.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager is reasonably priced, easy to deploy and manage with accurate alerts

22-Nov-2012 19:39:08
I work for a Malaysian healthcare organization. We have redundant network switches and wireless and all our servers are virtualized.
In our earlier days, we have used Solarwinds, Force10 Management System to manage our network. In a search to replace the solution, I have found OpManager. It is reasonably priced, easy to deploy, easy to manage and gives accurate alerts (99.9% accuracy). So we switched to OpManager.
The ease of deployment, quick to production, options to add in new devices and fail proof alert notification with 99.9% accuracy with no false alarm are the things I love in OpManager.
I recommend OpManager

It is proven true – OpManager is simple to implement, easy to use and maintain

23-Nov-2012 02:22:30
I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer by origin and came into proper IT in 2006 in the area of database and application development. I serve as Chief Information Officer in a new mobile telecommunication company in Rwanda since 2009. The company is ranked as number 2 in the Rwanda market share.
The company has WAN spread across more than 20 Points and 2 Data centers with over 30 Physical Servers. The servers OSes include Windows Unix/Linux OS. It also uses Oracle, MS SQL and Sybase Databases. We serve roughly 200 client machines which works 24/7.
Since it is a new company we employed ManageEngine as our first solutions to manage our network. I chose OpManager because it was recommended to be simple to implement, easy to use and maintain solution. And it is proven true.
My experience with the application is very excellent. It is easy to customize and reliable NMS.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager user-friendly interface influenced our buy

22-Nov-2012 20:56:33
I work as Technical Infrastructure consultant in Singapore. Our company provides business technology solutions and managed services. Of the tools I’ve used I find OpManager user interface friendly, and able to cover and support monitoring all our devices.
I recommend OpManager

The nice interface, ease of use and faster configuration

22-Nov-2012 10:11:52
Our company is founded over 40 years ago and is the market leader in analytical services and solutions to the energy, environmental, food and DNA industries. We have 2,200 dedicated employees lead the industry in depth of technical and scientific expertise and serve customers through the only national network of laboratories. Our infrastructure is 90% virtualized.
Prior to OpManager, we have used Nagios, the open source tool. The nice interface, ease of use and faster configuration made us choose OpManager. So far I am satisfied with the product and support.
All I ask the team is to add more templates and monitoring solution for NetApp nad Citrix.
I recommend OpManager

The software is fair to good now. Friendly, decent layout

22-Nov-2012 10:52:03
We are an ISP & shared private network company with mix of Cisco, Brocade and HP devices to manage. I consider OpManager for its better monitoring capabilities, more intuitive interface. IMO the software is fair to good now. Have many bugs and “quirks” in the software. Ease of use and the decent layout is really good.
I recommend OpManager

It is very easy to understand without massive training

22-Nov-2012 03:36:35
I work as an IT infrastructure manager for a UK’s leading credit management and recovery group. We use a full HP switched network with Edge and Core switches. OpManager offers a full monitoring and management solution to our company. It is very easy to use and understand without massive training. Overall it has been excellent. Besides OpManager we currently use EventLog analyzer and Security Manager Plus from ManageEngine.
I recommend OpManager

Provides information across all our platforms through a “single pane of glass”.

20-Nov-2012 12:46:41
We are one of the Australia’s leading listed food companies. The company owns a host of iconic brands that generations of Australians and New Zealanders have grown up with and put in their supermarket trolleys every week.
We have a large multi-vendor infrastructure consisting of Wintel Servers\Clients, Cisco Switches, VMWare ESX, Citrix & more.
To manage these, we use a number of ME products and find them great value.
OpManager is providing us with a single place to view critical information to ensure our operations are highly available. It provides information across all our platforms through a “single pane of glass”.

Customizable Dashboard views and the depth of information gathered from each node, prove insightful to our operations. We are very happy with OpManager and all other ME products in use.

I recommend OpManager

We could get the NetFlow data we require

20-Nov-2012 08:31:45
Working for a leading university in PA and we have a multi-tiered data centers with many DMZs.
I considered OpManager for its ability to provide NetFlow data along with the device availability, interface performance and health stats.
OpManager seems to be working well in displaying the data we require. The ability to show data graphically, and in a correlated fashion is really what I like.
I recommend OpManager

OpManager is great assistant for network engineer.

21-Nov-2012 04:26:30
We have about 100 various devices such as routers, switches, servers, modems, etc. (Cisco, 3Com, HP, IBM, Dell…). And we are monitoring more than 750 interfaces. How many processes on servers are monitored by OpManager I don’t know… all I can say is it is too much :-)
If I were to list down what OpManager means to me, here you go…
• Minimal time to learn
• Simple and clear interface
• Predictable behavior
• Supports wide range manufacturers
• Flexible settings
• Possibility to escalate alarms and send by SMS, Mail
• Capability to measure various parameters in network (in real time too)
• Statistics storage and possibility to make a various reports
• Helpful add-ons and plug-ins
Being a network administrator you may want to know what, where, when and how much. OpManager answers all these questions; bottlenecks, potential problems, exceeding thresholds etc. – all of these under 24/7 observation. OpManager is great assistant for network engineer. It can’t make your job for you but a lot of gathered information helps you to understand things and to take right decisions. With a combination of OpManager, with Eventlog Analyzer and Device Expert, we have very powerful tool for network performance monitoring.
I like OpManager’s capability to bring all the data together in just one click that otherwise requires many hours of manual effort. With OpManager, we now know about our network much more than before. And we optimized it. Due to OpManager, time for error detection and elimination failures or some troubles noticeably decreases. For my job (communications) it’s critically important.
I recommend OpManager

Alerts and reports are the best

20-Nov-2012 08:28:30
We are an Ethanol manufacturing plant in South Dakota, USA. We have around 30 servers and 50 cisco switches to manage in our infrastructure. I use OpManager to monitor them all and I’m truly happy about it.
All the reports available in OpManager are very good, which made me to switch from the tools (solarwinds) I’ve used in the past.
The ability to email alerts and the monthly reports are my favorites. Over all, it has been good since I moved to OpManager.
I recommend OpManager

Just tested the trial and ended up buying it. – Console and reporting is good.

20-Nov-2012 09:30:14
We are an influential and innovative distribution service company in the video game and accessory industries. We have roughly around 80 devices spread across 2 locations and I monitor all of them with OpManager. The monitoring is very nice and easy to use.
Just installed the trial to test on our network with our IT Team and we really liked the dashboards, console and it reporting ability and we bought it.
I recommend OpManager

I rely on OpManager for my every day IT information and monitoring.

21-Nov-2012 02:18:57
We are a non-profit organization for physically impaired people in Switzerland. We provide services to over 500 clients and manage variety of brands and equipment viz. Citrix, Windows, etc…
We use OpManager from the beginning to monitor our complete network, because that’s all we need. We also use ServiceDesk Plus and Desktop Central from ManageEngine. All the products are easy-to-use, easy to configure and the support team is responsive, if you need some help.
OpManager GUI provides us all the information we need and it is a good tool.
As an IT guy, I like to have the right information at the right time, when I’m at my desk or when I am away from my office. OpManager’s Email alerts and SMS alerts are really useful for this.
As a manager, I like the reporting function and the dashboards to effectively plan the capacity and make decision. I rely on OpManager for my every day IT information and monitoring.
I recommend OpManager

Monitor and automate just anything IT

20-Nov-2012 08:33:57
Our company provides medical practice management software, billing services, and EMR solutions nationwide. Our EMR infrastructure is hosted by Rackspace with its high powered, highly redundant and virtualized (VMware) datacenter.
Query-related bottlenecks were starting to impact our customer base. We needed a solution to help us discover what specific issues were creating the bottlenecks. This led me to test OpManager.
Within a few weeks, we were acclimated to it well enough to discover a couple of key inefficient queries that were dragging the entire environment performance down. With that application info, we were able to re-structure the queries to run much more efficiently.
OpManager is an excellent tool for us, the GUI is clean and the product customizable to suit whatever need we’ve had. It presents information logically and intelligently. OpManager is very capable of monitoring just about anything you can think of.
I recommend OpManager

Flexibility & good support

18-Nov-2012 00:11:30
We are an Oil and Gas Company in Republic of Yemen. Our IT infrastructure is a Microsoft shop for our servers and applications and Cisco shop for our network gears.
I’m one of the happy users for OpManager and I use it since 2010 to monitor our complete network, physical/ virtual servers and apps.
The best two features I like in OpManager are the email notifications in case of any performance crawl or outage situation, and the ability to email routine management reports to the team.
I recommend OpManager

Switched to OpManager for its simplicity in configuration

16-Nov-2012 04:12:16
I’m Dharmendra Pal and I manage server and storage devices in my company.
Our company is a subsidiary of a well-known financial institution and is one of India’s leading Infrastructure Development and Finance Company.
Our network infrastructure is very complex. It is segregated and very much controlled access provision. Before using OpManager, we used WhatsUp and HP Open View. We switched to OpManager for its simplicity in configuration, easy manageability and great support.
We have burnt our finger with HP Open View. It was tedious for configuration and support was not available on time. After shifting to OpManager we can monitor our devices 24Hrs.
The two things I like with OpManager are its simplicity and easy manageability. However, if the support for virtualization is enhanced it will be great.
Along with OpManager, I’m also using Eventlog Analyzer, DeviceExpert, Desktop Central and Netflow Analyzer from ManageEngine.
I recommend OpManager

Like the integration with other products and alerting mechanism

15-Nov-2012 21:03:43
I work for a Power project management services company. I manage 45+ servers and more than 350 interfaces.

The reason I chose OpManager is it offers prompt alerts and integrations with other ManageEngine products.

OpManager is fantastic. I really like the integration with other products and alerting mechanism.

I want OpManager to have an SMS profile based on URL and AD integration with single sign-on facility for administrators.

I recommend OpManager

OpManager is so so simple

17-Nov-2012 21:34:31
We are car agent company in Kuwait and We authorize Volvo and KIA Vehicle. We have 5 branch offices within the country and manage 150 nodes.

Our primary reason for choosing OpManager is to optimize network traffic, and it is so so simple. I feel it requires more user friendliness to configure new devices.

I recommend OpManager

Reliable for enterprise level monitoring needs

16-Nov-2012 07:34:47
I’m the Senior executive at the Europe division for one of the world’s recognized broadcasting and media company providing entertainment/ news channel worldwide. I manage corporate infrastructure in 32 EMEA offices.
Before using OpManager we used NetIQ, Spotlight, MRTG.
We use OpManager to manage thousands of devices such as servers, network routers and switches, storage, databases, UPS, URLs, etc. We considered OpManager because it is easy to use, user friendly, good dashboard and business view categorization, gives alerts according to the preset rules. OpManager offers excellent performance and reliable for enterprise level monitoring needs.
The two things I like with OpManager are it is user-friendly and easy to configure.
I want to OpManager to have VMware and SQL server bundled with the core modules.
I recommend OpManager

Excellent peace of mind

15-Nov-2012 20:31:44
I’m an Engineer by profession, currently the operational head of Nation-wide Network infrastructure department. My company is an epic Federal Govt. distance learning / e-learning establishment.
Our infrastructure is Hybrid setup (end-to end gigabit fiber deployment with integrated G2 series routers and L2/L3 switches + IT application content servers). We considered OpManager because it is a complete end-to-end Network Monitoring Software with built-in SMS tool-kit. OpManager gives me excellent peace of mind.
SMS tool-kit and business view layouts are my favorite in OpManager.
The enhancements that I look to see in OpManager is:
1. SMS log report within OpManager SMS tool-kit module.
2. Android mobile web-interface.
I recommend OpManager

Report a failure even before their systems bang alarms; I’ve put it to work in 8 days

15-Nov-2012 11:48:13

I’m the IT & Networks Manager at Fertagus, a Railway Company in Portugal, servicing 14 Train Stations with commercial and maintenance responsibility in 6 of the 14 Train Stations.
Our commercial offer also includes 17 parking lots and Bus shuttle service.
We also have a Train Maintenance Facilities.
Fertagus employs about 200 people and operates with 18 Trains (Alstom Series 3500).
Our networking and voice infrastructure is Cisco based, deployed over 15 sites, with more than 200 equipment’s.
Core and Ticketing systems are Microsoft based.
Car lots have industrial Fiber Optics switches from Comtrol.
We use OpManager because it is the best in class. Easy to use, learning curve is extremely low. Any “monkey” can deploy and manage his network with minimal effort and knowledge.
We like the ability to personalize as fit dashboards and screens, embed dashboards in web apps (we have an Operations Center that besides monitoring operations, also monitors WAN Links with no OPM license just to see 4 dashboards, which means cutting in costs), integration with SD+ and many others. We are using OpManager since 2005.
OpManager is very easy to setup and start using. We started from fresh, and just I, without any training, got it to work in 8 days. During this period I configured WMI and SNMP on all machines and used Discovery to enumerate devices.
The success was evident after a very short time with a clear view of systems bottlenecks and faults. For example, we now first call our WAN provider to report a failure even before their systems bang the alarm!
I like the reporting engine (very easy to build custom reports) and how easy it is to configure the application.
As an improvement, we would like in OpManager to be able to select the format of data dashboards: Ex.: We would like to have the ability to change % Uptime dashboards to Minutes Downtime or to Hours Uptime and also select which interfaces we consider to be WAN links in a pool of devices.

I recommend OpManager

Scripting is also very good

15-Nov-2012 05:23:18
We are a Dutch telecom operator and have 3 geographical locations with 200+ servers to manage.
The price, GUI looks and ease-of-use made us consider OpManager over BigBrother. We’re working with OpManager for 2 years now, busy migrating from BigBrother. Everything seems to fit our need. The application has good program specific monitors and Scripting is a very good addition.
I recommend OpManager

Using OpManager for 5.5 years because of the features available

15-Nov-2012 02:53:05
I work as Network administrator for a financial division of one of the prestigious groups in India. We have multiple connection links to Stock Exchange in Mumbai. We have a MPLS Cloud for our branch office connectivity with a collocated DC.
I have over 5 years of experience with OpManager. The business views, customizable dashboards, and the available features are my favorites. The application is good when compared to the previous tools I have used (Cisco works & What’s Up Gold).
I recommend OpManager

We are aware of any issues before our users starts calling us

15-Nov-2012 02:41:39
I’ve been working in the IT business for over 16 years in various segments. Currently I’m responsible for all IT related matters in our European offices in The Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy and Germany. I also partly take care of our Switzerland and the UK offices.
We are the European branch of a global company specialized in manufacturing and sales and service of lab equipment for over 40 years. We use a European wide MPLS network provided by our infrastructure partner. Our European offices in The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Germany are all connected over this MPLS network. VPNs to our mother company in the USA and sister company in France connect all our networks into one global network. We have about 130 clients and 20 servers in our organization in Europe (excluding the mother and sister company). The desktop/laptop ratio is about 40%/60%. At the moment all the clients run Windows 7 and the servers are a mix of Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Everything is Microsoft based. All IT related matters are managed by the IT department at the corporate office in The Netherlands.
At the previous jobs we used tools like Microsoft SMS and various in-house custom built tools. Of all, OpManager offers a lot of flexibility in monitoring and notification options. The user friendly GUI, support, and price/performance ratio made us decide to deploy OpManager on our network.
Ever since we started using OpManager three years ago the uptime of our network and all monitored devices has increased a lot. We are notified by e-mail and text message on our mobile phones of potential issues. This way we can take action (if needed) to prevent downtime and we are aware of any issues before uses start calling us.
I would recommend OpManager to anyone looking for a monitoring application because of the user friendly GUI and capabilities.
I recommend OpManager

It is affordable and does everything we need and even more.

15-Nov-2012 02:36:34
My company is a small company with about 50 employees and only two of them are dedicated to IT. Our network is really heterogeneous. We have Cisco, Juniper, HP and so on for our routers, switches and firewalls.
We haven’t used any other monitoring system other than OpManager to manage our network, because it is affordable and it does everything we need. I am really happy with it. It’s really easy to install and configure, and gives us what we expect and even more.
I recommend OpManager